About us


The Wordshop International Europe network consists of professionals who have many years of experience in a number of fields:

Alf is Swedish and has a background as a journalist for Reuters and in communications, marketing, promotion in industries such as telecom, pharmacology, medicine and IT. His work includes copywriting, editing, DTP and translating into Swedish from English, German and the Scandinavian languages – as well as translating into English.

Editha, our German expert, focuses on economy, marketing and the building industry. She is our German translator.

Eva is Irish with degrees in teaching, French and psychology and has studied business management. She translates into English and is our proofreader of English texts as well as project administrator.

Markku is our all-rounder Finnish specialist. He translates into Finnish from Swedish or English.

Solveig (at TransOnline, Wordshop's Norwegian partner) has a marketing and information technology background and has been working within the software localization industry for many years. She is familiar with the whole range of localization steps from planning till final build, translating software and help files, technical manuals and web pages. Solveig translates from English and the Scandinavian languages into Norwegian and also works in the DTP field.

Henrik, one of our Danish associates, has many years of translation experience. He translates into Danish from English or Swedish.

Jørgen is a Danish MD who has worked in the medical field both in Denmark and Sweden. His specialty is translations in the medical field from English into Danish.